Shamiana: Grow & Gather

Saturday, November 4, 2023
2-5 PM
Devon & Artesian

Join us on Saturday November 4th, as we continue building Shamiana - a place to grow, a space to gather. 

As we gather together in this moment, within the complex tapestry of the Devon neighborhood, we do so in the spirit of creating meaningful connections and solidarities that may grow through our shared reflections, stories, and music. We will share from last summer’s harvest, and we invite you in return to share your voices, music and ideas with us.  

We will use the street itself as our gathering space, our ‘petals’ as places to sit and converse. A few of our friends will contribute their work, including The Garden by Floating Museum, a performative experiment by Maulikraj Shrimali, music from Qais Yar, Shamim Aqil, Shades of Green and snacks from Gurdeep Loyal.

This event is free and open to the public; all are welcome.

RSVP Here.

Grow and Gather takes place as part of the official opening weekend for CAB 5: This is a Rehearsal. Shamiana will continue to be built in the coming months with more programming taking place in 2024.